Baytowne West

A deed-restricted community in Safety Harbor, Florida

February 2021 HOA Board Meeting

The next meeting will be held February 23rd at the Community Swimming Pool at 6:30pm.

NOTE: Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, mask-wearing and social distancing remain in effect.


  • Notification of tenant/renters may attend but have no voice for this meeting
  • Welcome new owners to the community
  • Community member must sign the provided tablet for individual 3 minutes open discussion(s)

Approval of December 2020 Annual meeting:

No increase of HOA fee and remain as $150.00 per months in year 2021.  Election of David Swoboda and Alvah (Skip) Vankleek as members on the board from 2021 to 2024.  Approval of no January meeting.

  • Resignation of Amy Crosby in January 2021
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Homeowner’s insurance status
  • Grounds / ACC Report

Old Business

  • Pool Report
  • Community fence on Philippe Pkwy
  • Rainmaker Irrigation

New Business

Open Session

  • 3 minutes open discussion from community individual(s). Timed by Director Skip.

Board Adjourns

Any above subject may change and/or omit for discussion by board members.