Baytowne West

A deed-restricted community in Safety Harbor, Florida

Rules Governing the Exterior of Units

The current rules found in our governing documents are not changing. They can be found in the General Rules, items 9 and 14. You can also find them in our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Article VI, Section 6.3).

These specifics are intended to provide clarification to the ACC Committee as well as all residents. These were ratified by the ACC Committee and the HOA Board at the April 2017 HOA Board Meeting.

Within the Entry Alcove: Nothing may be hung from the facia, ceilings or soffit at any time, except holiday decorations at the appropriate time. Personal items may be attached to the walls as long as they no larger than 3 square feet and projects no more that 2 inches from the wall.

Outside the Entry Alcove: One item may be attached to the exterior wall under the light or address as long as the item is no larger than 18 square inches and project no more than 2 inches from the wall.

Rear Alcove: Nothing may be hung from the facia, ceiling or soffit at any time. Nothing may be attached to the walls. All items must be located on the cement or patio portion of the back area, except moveable planters that are allowed on the dirt / grass area directly behind your unit.

Patios and Lanais: Anything that is visible to a person walking by must comply with the rules for the Rear Alcove. Blinds and shades may be installed on lanais so that the interior is not visible to those walking by.