Baytowne West

A deed-restricted community in Safety Harbor, Florida

The Baytowne West lifestyle

Safety Harbor is known as the “fourth largest city in the Parish” even though we are not incorporated. Our population is larger than most communities in St. Tammany Parish and with that comes a lifestyle that is captured in our natural assets. Once inside the gates of Baytowne West people unwind from the daily stresses of life as it is pleasing to the eye to view what we have as natural scenic assets throughout the community. You will see varying architectural styles from “Acadian old style” charm, the mid -1970s “Brady Bunch style” and more traditional styles that have become established in the modern era of today. It is this eclectic style of homes that makes a ride through the neighborhood refreshing seeing the personalities of individual homeowners being portrayed in the look and feel of every home. Baytowne West was originally developed in the 1970s as a retirement destination for Floridians and others looking to escape city life. Fast-forward 40 years and you now have a mix of retirees and young adult families with a large youth population. At any point in time you may find people walking, jogging, cycling or fishing in one of the golf course ponds or in the marina which is located on the Tchefuncte River. Baytowne West or “Beautiful Oak” as it is known was named for the many live oak trees that can be found throughout the community, some of the oldest and grandest oak trees in Louisiana. Relaxed and serene are words that describe what Baytowne West is today and it our hope that we continue to be a place for residents to live comfortably while being in the middle of what is the most prominent parish in the state.